Why having a website is not enough

11/26/2016 | Posted by Carlos Sarti | 0 comments
While a website is indeed a basic requirement for any business, having one doesn't guarantee customer awareness or easy discovery. That's why marketing strategies and robust back-office software aligned with your goals are essential. A digital marketing strategy for lead generation encompasses ...

Startup Marketing Strategy Series- Part 2

6/7/2021 | Posted by Valentina Sarti | 0 comments
All successful opportunities come from those who took advice, educated themselves, and persevered towards their goals. As the great entrepreneur that you are, new opportunities can be exciting but can also lead to loss of focus. Your marketing plan is there to keep you focused and on track. When new ...

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Startup Marketing Strategy Series- Part 1

5/28/2021 | Posted by Valentina Sarti | 0 comments
Set a Marketing Budget to fit your Business Goals For your business to grow, you need capital but you also need strategic allocation. Growing your business takes time, money, and dedication as it is not something that happens overnight. Budgeting can be overwhelming as most people are unsure of how ...

Modern Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

3/23/2021 | Posted by Pedro Bahniuk | 0 comments
Attract more customers  Today, modern marketing has been pushed to the forefront and has forced traditional marketing to the sidelines. Not only is modern marketing practical but is also more than fifty percent less expensive than traditional marketing. With search engines such as google ...

Reasons why your business should have a website

3/22/2021 | Posted by Valentina Sarti | 0 comments
Since the publication of the World Wide Web in 1991, websites have become a critical marketing tool for any and every business. Websites have given the opportunity for businesses to communicate with their consumers in a creative, convenient, and cost effective manner. This platform has become ...

How Email Campaign Tool Benefits your Business

3/11/2021 | Posted by Pedro Bahniuk | 0 comments
Today, there are over 4 billion email users that send and receive 300 billion emails each day. Emails have become a medium that is both an accessible and a desirable form of communication. Successful businesses must continuously find ways to capture the attention of their target audience and ...
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