Is your business stuck in the 1900's?

2/19/2021 | Posted by Carlos Sarti | 0 comments
Business Management & Marketing Before 1983’s Before the 1983's managing a business could be done with pen and paper and records were kept on a folder filing system. Business Management & Marketing 1983’s (Internet Invented) When the internet was invented in 1983, businesses started ...

Tips to manage and grow your clicks and bricks business - 2021

2/15/2021 | Posted by Carlos Sarti | 0 comments
Regardless of the size of your business, in today's competitive market business owners are facing bigger challenges to manage, engage, convert, and get exposure needed for their off-line (bricks) and on-line (clicks) businesses. To solve these challenges, they are gravitating towards technology ...

Why is having a website important?

1/13/2021 | Posted by Pedro Bahniuk | 0 comments
In this day and age where technology and internet have influenced how we live and work, it is shocking to know that very few small business owners have a website. A website will improve business credibility by identifying your branded value proposition. The About Us page tells visitors all about ...

Did you know the colors of your Website Matter?

11/4/2020 | Posted by Pedro Bahniuk | 0 comments
  Professional Website Psychology of Colors As the process of creating a professional website design is long, deciding the look and feel is such a crucial part on the project. Color is powerful. It influences not only how people feel, but what they do. The psychology of color can help ...

It's more than a pretty design, wondering what's missing?

9/8/2020 | Posted by Valentina Sarti | 0 comments
Having a website is important for small businesses, from building credibility with customers to capturing those leads you’ve worked with and attracting your web visitors. Your website should be an accurate representation of your company but wait, this doesn’t stop here.  Most websites are lost ...

Looking for small changes that will make a big impact?

8/10/2020 | Posted by Valentina Sarti | 0 comments
The age of internet shopping is taking over the world, more customers are wanting to shop on the internet. In order to stay competitive. a store must be willing to have a website for which customers can either shop or find more information about the business. Nowadays, having a website to show what ...
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