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In today's competitive economy businesses are forced to establish their online business, whether they sell consumer goods, provide local services or if they just build houses. All business activities must be synchronized with the online and offline part of the company.

Starting an Online Journey can be easy if you use the right resources available for you, or it can become hard if you decide not to use the proper tools and even worse if you do not combine the online and offline activities.

dotFRONT Business Platform enables you and your team to combine traditional and online business. This is a fully remote platform that allows you to work from anywhere. Combining tools to help you be better effective in the main departments of your organization.

Following are the main areas we'll help you with:

  • Marketing Management
    The key to any business success is not about making the best product or starting multiple businesses but rather, by successfully marketing what you already have. DotFRONT Business Platform, enhance your business by using the right marketing tools. Besides promoting your business with a Smartwebsite, it comes with all essential resources for you to have control, engage, convert, and grow your business.
  • Sales
    As a business owner you have all the know-how to make your business the best on the market. Keeping track of your numbers should be a priority as this will help you measure your growth and success.
  • Finance
    Finance is one of the core functions of every business organization today. Money is crucial to run daily operations for the business. Our Business platform brings financial tools to facilitate payments online, easier, faster and peace of mind for owners and customers.


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