Modern Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

3/23/2021 | Posted by Pedro Bahniuk | 0 comments

Attract more customers 

Today, modern marketing has been pushed to the forefront and has forced traditional marketing to the sidelines. Not only is modern marketing practical but is also more than fifty percent less expensive than traditional marketing. With search engines such as google dominating the way we find businesses, maintaining an online presence is ever more influential. 

Some of the key ways we have found that help attracts more customers are reviews, email campaigns, videos, blogs, social media, and having a professional website design that reflects your business. 

With the help of the internet, your business can be found in an instant by using a simple search such as “CRM for small businesses in Miami”. As everything can be found without hesitation, it is key that your business stimulates trust. A great way to gain the trust of an interested consumer is to have reviews and testimonials. Websites such as Yelp are an important part of the trust. They allow for honest commentating which helps onlookers decide what they want to invest in. They also enable businesses to see through the lens of the consumer to know what they should fix and how they should fix it.

Email Campaigns
Email campaigns can range from a simple message, thanking the customer for joining the community to a detailed newsletter about how your services work. Emails have become one of the quickest and simplest ways to connect with your customers, as most people check their emails daily. Emails are also affordable. They construct a reliable path to communicate with your consumers and strengthen loyalty. 

Similar to emails, videos can range from direct to descriptive. Videos help captivate your audience and can be used on your website, on your social media, in an email, or in an ad. Videos help your audience view your business in the way you want your message to be perceived. They can be informative or graphics orientated, they can be funny or powerful. There are infinite ways in which a video can be created that can be used to build confidence in your company.

Blogs are a great way to improve your SEO and can give insight to your audience on topics they want to read about. Your blog content should relate to your business industry, for instance, if you are an all-in-one small business platform, such as we are, you could write about helpful tips to improve click-through rate. Publishing blog guides new customers to your website by informing them with insightful knowledge. They also help establish credibility and hopefully lead the way to conversion.

Social media
social media has become today’s how-to-book. You can use this platform to entertain, enlighten, or advertise consumers by posting messages, stories, pictures, videos, and infographics. Hashtags have also aided search results when someone is interested in a specific topic, such as #digitalmarketers, #graphicdesign, or #miami. These tools help assist the consumer and the company by offering an effortless way to be discovered. Social media is also super cost-effective and reaches a wider audience when compared to traditional marketing. 

All of these tools benefit your business by attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones. If you would like our assistance in getting started with these tools, we would love to hear from you. You can give us a call at 954-707-6928.

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