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Improve Organization and Productivity

Our intuitive easy-to-use dotFRONT Platform provides the essential applications (customer management, payments, invoicing, scheduling, website, email campaign, and more) needed to better organize the back office work of your company, allowing your team be more organized and productive while working from your office or remotely with the use of one application.

Grow your business. Let Us Worry About The Digital Marketing & Software Stuff!

Customer Relationship Manager - SmarWebsite

Organize & Improve Relationships

dotFRONT Business Platform allows to create and save organized data from customers and leads.

Allows staff work and access company's information from home, work or anywhere.

Easily manage your customers and leads with a simple, yet robust All-in-One application, optimize your sales pipeline, save time, engage better your customers and leads and grow your business.

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smartwebsite customer and lead management
online estimate invoice manager

Create Invoices & Estimates Instantly

Our invoice generator will save you time and money while giving your company that professional look. Create online personalized estimates & invoices with your company logo, and business information.

Create, edit, print or email estimates & invoices from anywhere in seconds.

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Web based electronic signature

Get Electronic Signatures

Benefits of adding an E-signature as part of your business:

  • Enhanced Security: it's time to worry less about paper contracts, allows you and your team to work from your office, from home or from anywhere.
  • Increased Contract Speed: Electronic signing can prevent any unnecessary delays in finalizing contracts resulting in improved performance.
  • Lower Transaction Cost: the automated processes of electronic signing can reduce the financial impact of possible human error such as signing by mistake.

Our dotFRONT Business Platform integrates Electronic Signature functionality, to get your customers sign your documents even when no face-face meetings are possible.

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Electronic signature web application


Call us (954) 707-6928 for a free consultation today with one of our On-line Business Experts.

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Accept off-line online credit card payments

Get Paid On The Spot

Send email payment requests on the fly.

  • Accept cash, or credit or debit cards off-line
  • Accept online credit / debit cards or e-checks payments from anywhere, anytime
  • Get paid faster with online payments & send automated reminders
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Web base scheduling

Schedule Appointments and Events

Have you ever struggled with keeping up with your appointments?

Nowadays, technology has evolved and we have online calendars. Having an online calendar is going to help you safe time and manage the free time available. Our calendar feature is going to make it easier to keep track of your staff, compare availability for meetings, manage attendance, get reminders and updates, have your customer book and pay for your services, and many more.

The dotFRONT Business Platform integrates web based scheduling application to help your staff be better organized and productive in order to grow sales.

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online scheduling application
Selling products or services on-line

Sell Your Products & Services

Most brands today have an online presence and sell their products and services online. The dotFRONT Business Platform allows to categorize, and create your products and services on a database so that visitors can buy them on line, book for your services, or you as the business owner can create an estimate or invoice to send via email to your leads and customers.

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Customer login

Have Your Customers Login To Their Accounts

This is a secure interface where your clients will login with user and password to check pending balance, pay invoices, check estimates,  or to update their personal information.

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customer login interface
Smartwebsite training

Your Are Not left Alone

We provide One-on-One training session to enable our clients to learn the ins and outs of a dotFRONT software in an intensive crash course that will cover how to setup your back office, how to organize your customers & leads, create and send estimates or invoices, send payment requests, create appointments, send email campaigns, how to assign user privileges to your team members so they can work from your office, their home or anywhere.

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Call us (954) 707-6928 for a free consultation today with one of our On-line Business Experts.

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