All in One Business Package

One place, One Service, One Platform with everything you need to run and manage your click & mortar business!

We'll custom build and decorate every room of your office (Web pages).

We'll provide 24/7 Security and monitoring, unlimited system Updates (platform and web applications), so that your business will always be accessible for your customers and staff 24/7.

Our technician (Developers) will be waiting for your call or email to help you to provide support & training.

Our maintenance crew (graphic designers) will be available once a month to help you Re-decorate an office or adding a new room (Web page) or improve or add graphics.

To run your click-and-mortar business is not only about the rooms of your office (website), you also need the proper tools and technology, dotFRONT gives you access to a powerful easy to use APP needed to organize, engage, manage, grow and generate revenue.

A turn key service: Website, Hosting, Maintenance and Easy to use APPs to manage your Click and Mortar Business from anywhere!

Service Includes:

1) One APP to run your business from anywhere

Access to powerful easy to use tools that will help you manage your click-and-mortar business activities allowing you to engage, control and grow your business.

  • Manage all customers and leads easier
  • Create and send estimates
  • Send payment request via SMS or email
  • Get contract agreements signed digitally
  • Create and send or print invoices
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Sell products & services off and Online
  • Get paid on the spot
  • Book appointments and events
  • Send email campaigns
  • Send SMS campaigns
  • Create and access the history of the relationship of your customers (CRM)
  • Login portal for your customers
  • Track  your sales pipelines
  • and more ...

2) SmartWebsite Platform

All features and functionalities integrated to help you engage and convert more visitors into leads.

  • Responsive / Mobile ready website
  • Landing pages
  • Accept payments
  • Custom forms
  • Blog
  • Pixel tracking
  • Newsletters
  • Testimonials
  • Gallery Pictures & videos
  • Chat
  • Slider carousel
  • and more...

3) Website & Platform Security

Communication with your customers will be encrypted, your data will be protected and your systems will be updated all the time. Your site is monitored 24/7 to avoid for possible attacks or system failures.

  • SSl Certificate
  • Platform monitoring
  • Site & back office backups from previous 45 days
  • Unlimited system updates

4) System & APPs updates

5) Website and Platform Monitoring

6) Website & Database Backups

7) Website Maintenance

2 hours/mo to keep always informed your customers and leads with updated information about your products and services.

  • Content updates upon request
  • Image/graphic updates upon request
  • Perform any needed/requested adjustments to existing content
  • Add new testimonials
  • Create/add a new page
  • and more...

Custom Website Design $70/pg

  • Standard custom design mobile/responsive website


get real users

prevent waste

grow your business

maximize ROAS

boost profitability

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