Connecting with customers by email.

Email marketing is not only about sending organized paragraphs to prospects and customers, there’s more to it since you need to establish a personal connection with your customers. 

Usually business owners use this tool to push ads to its customers, it might seem like the best approach considering that the campaigns carry a lot of value than regular promotional flyers.

Here are some tips to help you connect with your customers:

1. “free, service, help, guarantee” are some of the words you may want to avoid when sending an email  
2. Sending a “welcome” or “getting started” email, welcome new prospects/customers with an email that will help them know more about your products and services.
3. Business owners are usually busy throughout the day, so make sure your emails are worthy of their time. Providing value to what your sending should be a priority and make sure you answer every mail those common questions prospects or customers could have.
4. Keep your content short and simple to make sure your email is engaging.
5. Don’t send the same email again and again. You can reposition or upgrade previous emails to make a new one, that way you can capture your customers attention If you haven’t before. 
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