Tips to manage and grow your clicks and bricks business - 2021

2/15/2021 | Posted by Carlos Sarti | 0 comments

Regardless of the size of your business, in today's competitive market business owners are facing bigger challenges to manage, engage, convert, and get exposure needed for their off-line (bricks) and on-line (clicks) businesses. To solve these challenges, they are gravitating towards technology and digital marketing more and more.

Following we like to share with your few tips and tricks to help solve this issues.

1) Start Your Online Journey

To be well known, first you need to establish your online presence and engage with your target audience. The best way to gain an online presence is to not only create a website, but join Instagram, Facebook and Google Listing which are free platforms. This way, anybody that searches for your service, will be able to find you and understand more about your business. Do not waste time, start building your identity online today to ensure your audience can find you. By Combining traditional and online business, this will boost sales and bring more traffic to you.

2) Get on Local Listings

The yellow pages are not used anymore but people still look for businesses. To make sure that happens to you, make your online business to be visible on as many directories as possible ensure that contact information and hours of operation are shown. This helps when people search “near me” especially over the phone.

3) Marketing Platform Integrating Off + Online Business

In today's economy the way of doing business has changed drastically. In order for a business to have a chance to succeed, it is important that companies engage customers and leads off-line and on-line. To achieve this difficult task, it is crucial to have access to tools to consolidate business activities under one application. Our Marketing Platform Solution allows you and your team to streamline the whole Backoffice of your business. Not only that, it allows you to have full control from anywhere, or any device. While enjoying all the features and functionalities to run your traditional and online business.

4) Keep Up With Technology

Just like your IPhone, or personal computer where the software operating system requires frequent updates, websites are not "set it and forget it" anymore.

If your website isn't being taken care of every month, you may be overlooking the benefits of your on-line business activities when potential customers come to your website and find that some of the features and functionalities are not working.

5) Content is Key

Besides the current updates on your website's software, it is also important to keep adding fresh relevant content following the W3c code standards to keep your customers and leads informed, and to keep search engines re-visiting your business website in order to improve organic results within search engines.

6) Be Found

Whenever you have a need for a product or service, the first place you go to browse is through the Internet. Google, Yahoo, Bing are some of the most trusted search engines consumers utilize when searching for a business. It all starts with a search query using keyword phrases such as digital marketing agency near me when looking for local marketing agencies. For a local business, there are three ways to be found using different tactics. The most common used are: through a paid search area at the top (PPC), Google places listings with maps, or by doing organic SEO listings.

7) Digitally Nurture Customers and Leads

Nowadays, competition is fierce and gaining new customers has become harder than before. However, with technology you can find different ways to keep current customers engaged and loyal to you. Digital tools like email marketing and SMS text campaigns are extremely crucial for client retention. These tools make communication easy and quick, giving peace of mind to your client and your company as well.

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