Sales Management Solution and Customer Relationship Management

Many small businesses or big enterprises have decided to adopt the sales management software to eliminate many time-consuming tasks of selling. These companies find many obstacles in the form of expanding customer base, fragmented customer data, increased competition, higher customer expectations all at the same time. For these reasons, a centralized, automated business solution like dotFRONT Sales Management  Solution, built specifically for sales professionals to help them organize their companies and eradicate much of the boring, background work sales people are supposed to complete and do what they do best, sell what your company is offering. 

An effective Sales Management Software should deliver most of the following benefits to your company:

Organizing your Sales cycle: With dotFRONT Sales Management Solution, it is possible to break your sales cycle into stages such as: leads, prospects and opportunities. This will help you define tasks to send automated e-mail follow-ups so that they complete each stage until they became customers.

 • View communications all in one place: Our Sales Management Software will act as a centralized database that will store the entire history of calls, contacts, emails send or received, files, appointments and even upcoming tasks. All of your information will be in a single navigation screen together.

 • Show processes for your sales team: It lets you define sales processes, layout the process in which each sale is currently, so your entire sales team can follow the process, leaving no room for errors and improving your sales process. 
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