Improving website exposure

Location, Location & Location

choosing where to locate a Brick and Mortar business (traditional business) is vital
there are a number of factors to consider:
  • Availability of workers
  • Where the suppliers are
  • Where the competitors are
  • Government help
  • Cost & availability of premises
  • Where the customers are
  • Transport links
  • History and tradition
making the right decision will give better chances to a business to be successful.

On the other hand, for a non-traditional business (your website)

Content, Content & Content is key to get better ranking within Search Engines.
If you are creating or establishing your business online (regardless of the type of industry weather you sell products or provide a service) the content/text of your business website is the most important factor to consider in order to have more chances to be found when a customer searches for your products/services.

It is true that "A picture is worth a thousands words" but it only applies to humans, search engines (an application based on a computer server) can not see pictures or watch  videos. If your website is created with many pictures and very little content your company will have very small chances to be found and your advertising efforts are going to cost a lot more money.

When a search engine crawls and index your website, based on the content and keywords found, your company will be classified within an industry. If you are successful at weaving your keywords into compelling copy you are more likely to be relevant for keyword searches.

When people use search engines, they aren't typing in generic terms that are hard to define and measure like "business" or "software". People use search engines for very specific names and phrases, terms like "Inkjet printer cartridge refills", "carpet cleaning services Miami Beach",  you have to consider misspelled keywords "car mecanic in broklyn" remember humans are searching for your services.

You wouldn't have thought to include that specific phrase in your content when you are describing your product or service because it doesn't read very well.  But if all those words are located in a web page carefully constructed to highlight keywords that are known to produce traffic, the likelihood that you will appear in a search result for a very specific search improves.

There are different sections that you can create in a website where you can add content (Blog, Newsletters, Testimonials, Frequent Ask Questions, among others) when Search Engines notice that fresh content is added regularly, your website will be visited more often by Search Engines (Yahoo, Google Bing, among others) that will improve the ranking and exposure of your business website. 

Content Content Content will improve positioning (Location) of your business within Search Engine's organic search results..

Dotfront Single Cloud Solution has integrated ready for you to use and create unlimited pages, blog, newsletters, add testimonials from clients, Frequent Ask Questions, Portfolios, among other sections. 

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