As connected as we are these days through all the social media, websites and applications, word of mouth is still very powerful. Customers will trust you by how you act or who you seem to be, but that trust will be backed up with other customers testimonials. dotFRONT SmartWebsites provides a platform with many features to get the best out of your business. By using your website builder you are able to create an assigned space for your customers to write some testimonials or even use the same ones in your social media. 

Just think of when was the last time you updated your testimonials? The different Search Engines will promote the businesses with constant updates. Testimonials are now called "social proof" just because they are going to help you build trust around your customers. dotFRONT SmartWebsite's tools are designed to increase your changes of organizing your company and grow while you earn the revenue you have been looking for.

Here's an example,

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