Shopping Cart Solution

Shopping cart solution

With our Shopping cart solution we can FULLY CUSTOM DESIGN the look & feel of your e-commerce store, this will help your business increase the conversion rate = MORE SALES!. 

All shopping cart solutions in the market will allow to take customer's credit card payment online - in selecting a shopping cart solution for your company, this should be the least of your concerns at this point. 

We strongly recommend you to learn more about what MARKETING & MANAGEMENT FEATURES will be available to you.

Marketing, Management features and Customer support are the major strengths with dotFRONT.

Our shopping cart solution was developed with powerful easy to use Marketing & Management functionalities that can be fully customized to meet your business model in order to help you streamline and automate order processing tasks of your business.

 dotFRONT, will take care of all the technical stuff support, you just concentrate on your business!!
Shopping cart Features

  • 100% Full Customizable
    Dotfront's shopping cart solution allows you to fully customized the look and feel of your online store.
  • Unlimited products
    Upload and create as many products as your business can handle.
  • Unlimited categories, Sub-categories
    Allows you to categorize & organize your products and services.
  • Html Editor
    Gives you flexibility to create and enhance product descriptions and different areas .
  • Advanced Encryption
    Industry leading Triple DES encryption offers state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect the integrity of credit card data.
  • Secure Online Transactions
    Ensure the security of customer and business data using Dotfront's sophisticated support for SSL and credit card encoding.

Order Processing
  • Integrated Shipment Tracking
    Tracking information is pulled real-time from the shipper and displayed on your site for your customer. Provide customers with the ease of tracking shipments without having to leave your site.
  • Automated Tax Calculations
    Local, state/province, and country tax region options can be used to calculate Tax rates during checkout.
  • Real Time Shipping Rates
    Get accurate shipping costs real time from leading carriers, including UPS, FedEx,. Customers can shop prices from a list of supported methods and choose an option that meets their timeline and budget. Merchants can also figure shipping costs based on the order total or products ordered.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    Accept electronic checks, purchase orders, COD, credit card, and phone/fax orders.
  • Download Delivery
    Offer merchants automated delivery of soft goods, such as music, software, graphics, etc. Specify when the download is made available and for how long.
  • Dropship Integration
    DotFront software generates an e-mail to the shipper/vendor when an order is placed to ensure seamless communication and quick fulfillment.
Shopper Features
  • Shopping Cart Thumbnail with Attribute Image
    Customers will see a thumbnail image of exactly what they ordered, eliminating doubt or confusion.
  • Simple Search Utility
    Let shoppers search for items from any page. A great feature!
  • Site Search Page Filters
    Allow customers to quickly search for a particular need; reveals available items.
  • Running Cart Total
    Lets customers keep track of their order with a cart summary on every page.
  • Customer Address Book
    Shoppers can store an unlimited number of addresses in a personal address book. We make it easy for shoppers every step of the way.
  • Wish Lists
    Allow customers to add items to a wish list and e-mail that list to friends and family. A great tool for holiday, wedding or special occasion shopping.
  • E-Mail to a Friend
    Drive site traffic by giving shoppers the ability to email product information to a friend or associate.
Service & Support
  • Personal E-Business Consultant
    Experienced online business analysts offer oversight of your order and provide insight and assistance.
  • Payment Processing with Authorize.Net
    Built on the industry leading Authorize.Net Payment Gateway; DotFront can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably.
  • Paypal Ready
  • Support Services
    Live support via phone, e-mail, and live chat.
  • DotFront ecommerce Hosting
    Secure hosting with your e-mail and domain name from DotFront's team of experts - housed in a state of the art data center with 99.9% uptime and Visa PCI Compliance.
  • Daily Data Backups
    Your store and data is secure with Dotfront, we take daily data backups, just in case you delete or overwrite any file - Security is First.

Product Management
  • Product Import and Batch Update Utility
    Easy information exchange! Add products to a web store or complete batch updates by simply importing data from an existing database or delimited file.
  • Catalog and Product Page Templates
    Catalog and product page design just got a lot easier. DotFront lets you choose from a number of fully customizable templates without having to modify the html.
  • Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories
    Build unlimited levels of categories and subcategories so that merchants can easily manage products and support drill down product searches.
  • Price and Weight Sensitive Product Attributes
    Easily manage product and shipping costs for product attributes, such as size. For example, merchants can charge more for a large bag of dog food and have accurate shipping costs that take into account the increased weight.
  • Inventory Tracking With Backorder
    Advanced inventory tracking features allow merchants to keep track of inventory and communicate that to customers. Allow or disallow backorders, display quantity in stock on product pages, receive e-mail notification of low stock levels and more.
Marketing & Promotions
  • Price Levels
    Offer alternative pricing for particular customers/resellers.
  • Clearance Pricing
    Clearance pricing helps manage supply and generate revenue.
  • URL Rewriter
    Improve your search-engine results by dynamically changing your URLs.
  • Google Analytics
    Understand where your site traffic is going, improve conversion rates and increase the amount of time on your site with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is integrated in every DotFront  store.
  • Search Engine Submission
    Type in your own site-specific key words, meta-tags and descriptions, and DotFront will automatically place them on your web store pages.
  • E-Coupons
    Now its easy to use coupons as sales incentives. Specify when and how the coupon will expire and what items the coupon can be applied to.
  • Product or Storewide Sales
    Launch sales for specific products, product categories, vendors or manufacturers or implement a storewide sale. Ex: All widgets on sale, 10% off all Acme products, everything on sale. You have the ability to accelerate sales where you want.
  • Extended Affiliate Programs
    Build referral sales with DotFront's fully automated affiliate program. Powerful affiliate management tools allow affiliates to securely track referral sales.
  • Suggested Selling
    The easiest time to add on a sale is when a customer is buying. With suggested selling you can link add-on products to customers' choices several times during the buying process.
  • Cross Selling (Related Items)
    Encourage add-on sales by displaying related item/services at the bottom of product detail pages.
  • Quantity Discounts (Volume Pricing)
    Promote bulk purchases by offering quantity discounts to customers. Set up to seven separate levels and offer a percentage or fixed amount off of base the base price.
Store Management
  • Sales Reports
    Monitor sales activity using detailed sales reporting tools. Generate sales summary, sales detail and product sales reports.
  • Order Fulfillment
    Merchants can manage incoming orders with DotFront's order fulfillment tools. They can track which orders have been paid and/or shipped, print packing slips, and enter shipping tracking numbers.
  • Merchant Tools with User Accounts
    Easily update product information, run sales, and manage store settings through a set of web based store administration tools. You can even extend permission levels across your organization to alter price, add promotions, etc.
  • E-Mail Confirmations
    Merchants and shoppers receive instant e-mail notification when an order has been placed. Customize the content, add images, etc to your confirmation e-mails.
  • Developer APIs
    Published interfaces for modules such as shipping, tax, inventory, order tracking, etc. allow for full customization of the DotFront application.
  • Technology Platform
    Open Source fully customizable up scalable solution application.
  • SQL Server Database Support
    DotFront provides full support for a robust, high performance SQL Server backend.
  • Restaurant - Take out - Delivery
  • Beauty Supply Stores
  • Printing Companies
  • Furniture companies
  • Auto Parts
  • Fashion/clothing Stores
  • Shoes stores
  • Office supplies
  • Electronic Stores
  • Vitamin Stores
  • Car Dealers

Order processing is a major strength with dotFRONT. Our solution includes all of the above features, it can also be fully customized to meet your business model in order to help you streamline and automate whatever order processing tasks your business operations require.

Consider the following points before you decide which shopping cart solution you are going to use.
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