Why dotFRONT

Whyt dotFRONT

A "Better" Business Platform

The fact is that not all businesses have the same needs, but they all require a robust solution that will help them expand without having to hire a professional or learn how integrate (download, install, update) new functionalities "plug-ins".

dotFRONT is a single affordable easy to use modular solution, perfectly integrated with each other to help you grow as you need - No more painful integrations.

Our main modules are:

Our scalable solution developed for businesses that needs to: improve exposure (SmartWebsite Platform), engage and convert more visitors into customers (Marketing tools), and better manage the back office work (Remote Office applications) from one application.

dotFRONT allows you and your team to work from home or anywhere.

All-in-One Platform for small businesses


All-in-One Platform

The SmartWebsite® platform, integrates at no cost all the essential features and functionalities (website builder, landing pages, blog, slider, gallery of pictures, videos, testimonials, newsletters, etc) needed on a website to improve ranking / exposure within the search engines.

Our goal is to provide you with the technology that will help your company grow, because of that our platform is constantly being updated and improved at no cost to you.

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All-in-One Platform for small businesses

custom website design

Better Conversion

Tools to Engage Better

dotFRONT Marketing apps helps:

  • Track visitors even before you know their name.
  • Send email campaigns that lead to conversions with personalized messages based on your leads / customers behavior or interests.
  • Create personalized Pop-Up or call to action ad in your website, based on a specific in-bound pay-per-click or social media campaign.
  • Convert More Leads with landing pages & dynamic customized forms.
  • dotFRONT will recognize and let know the name of your customers or returned leads as soon as they visit your website.
  • And more...
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Work Remote

Manage Your Business From Anywhere

dotFRONT allows you and your team to work from home or anywhere - Take your work to the next level.

dotFRONT remote office solution integrates applications (Customer relationships manager, to accept payments off & online, send electronic or print invoices, schedule events or alerts, send email campaigns, and more), that can help you centralize and better manage your back office from one application, and work from your office, home or from anywhere.

Streamline your workload by putting our features to work for your benefit. Our tools will help keep you productive - no matter where are.

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All-in-One Platform for small businesses

Grow Your Business

Improve Relationship With Customers &  Leads

Communication is key if you are looking to close more deals and keep current customers satisfied. Know your customer/lead's history with the company, get reminders to follow up calls, understand the sales process all from your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

All-in-One Platform for small businesses

Online Invoice maker and estimates

Invoicing Made Easy

Create an Invoice & Estimates Instantly

Our invoice generator will save you time and money while giving your company that professional look you are looking for, it is easy and fast to use so you can print or email it.

Accept credit card payments on line

Fast, Easy and Safe

Get Paid On The Spot

Send email payment requests on the fly, accept ALL types of card payments/cash and get paid on the spot.

Accept credit card payments on line

Online web based appoinments application

Increase Productivity

Schedule Appointments and Events

Have you ever struggled with keeping up with your appointments? We got you covered! Making appointments and events have never looked so easier. Our easy to use appointment scheduler will take you less than five seconds to have all your customers and prospects ready for their next meeting.

Email and SMS campaign web based service

Engage Your Contacts

Send Email & SMS Campaigns

Did you know an Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter? Sales and Marketing go hand to hand when it comes to your strategy to get more customers, the best part, you can send email campaign or electronic postcard on the fly!

Email and SMS campaign web based service

Customer Relationship Manager service

Improve Customer Loyalty

Learn More About Your Customers

The dotFRONT applications provides critical information regarding your visitors behavior throughout the entire sales cycle. This leads to an increased understanding of their needs, resulting in better sales engagement; which equals more leads, customer retention and all around growth!

Small Business all-in-One marketing platform

Save Time & Money

One Software To Manage Your Back Office Needs

With a dotFRONT there is no need to have your data spread in different platforms. There is no need to contact multi-support teams. There is no need to learn to use different interfaces.

Small Business all-in-One marketing platform

Small Business all-in-One marketing platform

Improve performance

One-on-One Training Session

We provide One-on-One training session to enable our clients to learn the ins and outs of a dotFRONT Software in an intensive crash course that will cover how to setup your back office, how to use the website builder, create and update web pages, create custom forms, create email campaigns, send payment request, how to add SEO meta tags, customize the design, optimize your products and more.

With our help you can be up running in no time and become a dotFRONT expert yourself.

Need help with your decision? Call (954) 707-6928 for a free consultation today with one of our On-line Business Experts.

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