Setup Your Website

How to create a new Marketing page, Photo gallery, blog, F.A.Q. section, external link
Login to your back office

Go to :  click the blue icon tab:  [ BACK OFFICE ]
Enter your user and password.

On the menu to your left:

Click: ->  the yellow drop down menu "WEBSITE MANAGER"

see below image 1

  1. Then click : -> Content Manager & Design   (orange arrow # 1)
  2. Then click : -> add new category icon (right hand side)  (orange arrow # 2)

  3. a new page will be displayed (see image 2 below) click the from the drop down menu SELECT TYPE and choose the type of page you want to create, enter the page or CATEGORY NAME, and click the SAVE BOTTOM 

How to add or modify content
How to add a picture
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